Monday, August 18, 2008

Crimes of the New World Order

Modern day slavery has become the separation between slave master and slave, it’s the evisceration of the United States Constitution, it’s manufactured dependency, it’s synthetic terror, it’s artificial scarcity, it's the scientific and systematic chemical poisoning and genetic pollution of our food, it’s the fluoridation of our water, it's the genetic exploitation of the entire biosphere, it's the chemical spraying of barium in our skies, it's the E.L.F (Extreme Low Frequency) bombardment of electromagnetic pulses into our ionosphere disrupting the delicate 7.8 MHZ Schuman resonance of the Earth that all living organisms are in harmony with, it’s government sponsored false flag terrorism, it’s the privately owned military industrial complex, it’s the self inflicted wound of 911, it was a controlled demolition, it’s the slave masters wrapping themselves in the flag of fallen heroes and innocent Americans to pursue their own criminal agenda, it’s Oklahoma City, it’s Kosovo, it’s Waco, it’s Ruby Ridge, it’s Panama, it’s Columbia, it’s WWI, WWII, it’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it’s Korea, it’s JFK, it’s Vietnam, it’s the CIA and whatever fronts groups they feign at any given time, it’s Al Qaida, it’s ISI, it’s the Mujahedeen, it’s the Khmer Rouge, it’ s the Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s Great Purge, it’s the Cold War, it’s Wall Street funding both sides every time, it’s weapons of mass destruction; biological, chemical, nuclear, and informational, it's the endless wars, it’s manufactured enemies to keep our populations in fear, it's the equivalent of 40'000 Hiroshima atomic bombs of depleted uranium being used in Iraq causing innumerable horrific birth defects home and abroad, it’s US Statesmen publically going on record to justify embargos that resulted in the deaths of over 250’000 children in Iraq, it’s 1.2 million civilians killed in the latest Iraq war, it’s over 4000 US soldiers killed and counting and the tens of thousands who will be maimed for life, it's the rampant over medication of our children and society, it's the self-replicating and compartmentalized ideology of merely treating physical and mental maladies that keep our people as life- long revenue generators to the mega-necro-pharmaceutical monopolies that is indistinguishably intertwined with mega-monopolistic agriculture, it’s the obliteration of the family farm and the family itself, it’s the theft of private property, it’s the poisoning of vaccines, it’s mercury, it’s HIV, it’s Tuskegee, it’s Executive Order 13139 authorizing the use of experimental vaccines that are the cause of horrendous health effects on the men and women of the American Armed Forces without their prior knowledge or consent, it's the WHORE corporate media, it's the dysfunctional corrupt and criminal election fraud, it’s the unspeakable sexual, physical, and mental abuse of innocent children by the State, it’s occultist worshipping secret societies that have infested the world body politic, it's Child Protective Services stealing thousands upon thousands of children from grieving and heartbroken parents, it's DynCorp child sex slave rings exposed on Capitol Hill, it's the death of habeas corpus, it’s the Military Tribunals Act, it’s the Military Commissions Act, it’s legalizing torture, it’s Guantanamo, it's the psychological inoculation of the public from even beginning to critically examine the glaring evidence of a global conspiracy, it’s PDD 51, it’s the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, it’s the FISA warrantless wire taps, it’s sound cannons, it’s pulse weapons, it’s free speech zones, it’s hundreds of FEMA camps around the country being maintained and prepared for martial law, it’s the de-arming of law abiding citizens, it’s the NAU, the EU, the UN, the African Union, the Asian Pacific Union, it’s NAFTA, it’s the Trans American Corridor, it’s private foreign investors using our tax revenues to buy up the United States infrastructure and charge we the people, it's the National ID Card, it's the fraudulent income tax and the private central bank-the Federal Reserve, it's their highly secretive board of slave masters and the 30 million dollars an hour of revenue and power it generates to ensure that the slave masters children’s children will never have to do a single day of hard labor in their entire slave mastery lives as they push us further into bondage, it’s the prison industrial complex, it’s the United States having more people in jail per capita than any other country in the world, it's the police state, it’s courts granting immunity to taser companies in the non-lethal weapon death suits, it’s the federalization and expansion of the police force, it’s the police beating someone to death and charging the suspect with assault, it’s the corrupt courts, it's Blackwater, it’s the School of the America’s, it's the utter dull eyed apathy, it's history repeating itself over and over, it's a Nazi’s grandson in the White House, it’s Nazi war profiteering, it’s operation Paper Clip, it’s Operation Northwoods, it’s the Project for the New American Century, it's Skull & Bones, it's the Council on Foreign Relations, it’s the Trilateral Commission, it’s the Club of Rome, it’s Mossad, it’s MI5, it’s the RAND Corporation, it’s the NSA, it’s Homeland Security, it's the Bildeberg Group, it’s the City of London, it’s the Vatican, it’s organized religion, it’s government paid agents to preach Roman’s XIII to a flock of sheep, it’s cognitive dissonance, it's the massive mind control of the hypnotic flickering Cyclops idiot box, it’s CO2 which is a life giving gas to be taxed as a pollutant, it’s the global warming hoax, it's the controlled demolition of the BILL OF RIGHTS, it's the Patriot Act, it's the domestic terrorism bill, it's the bogus Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative, Coke vs. Pepsi , Democan vs. Republicat soap opera, it’s the technocrats, bureaucrats, eugenicist, and autocrats posing as our saviors, it's the masses mindless worship of false idols, it’s the scientifically and psychologically crafted Madison Avenue mental manipulation and spiritual repression of the public, it’s a worldwide advertisement blitzkrieg never before witnessed in the history of humanity to inundate our populations with feelings of inadequacy, it’s the giant advertising adornment of unnaturally emaciated and emasculated model humanoids who are supposedly the beautiful people which are pinned up on the steel and concrete edifices of commerce leering down at us like one hundred foot false gods, it’s the aesthetically corrupt artist who shape and compose the advertisements of male and females together on figurative white sandy beaches like the obedient yet miserable creatures they may very well be, it’s the vacant and unquenchable glares of lust, it’s the dreary and unsatisfied eyes, it’s these soulless hollow depictions which loom over the millions of passer by’s, it’s John Q. Public and Jane Doe festooning themselves in the latest trinkets and bobbles, it’s the incessant chattering on their cell phones, it’s their craniums being exposed to highly dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, it’s the general populations complete obliviousness to a perplexingly immeasurable and nefarious agenda that coldly awaits and calculates the specific moment to take it all away and corral the fattened and domesticated herd to the slaughter, it's RFID, it's cameras for you and me, it’s a total surveillance control grid, it’s implantable chips, it’s the Fairness Doctrine, it’s taxation and censorship of the internet, it's the bogus CIA and their phony drug war, black market they run every day, it's the Rockefeller drug laws, it's all of the incarcerated non violent drug offenders, it's the prison industrial complex, it’s slave labor, it's 1 out of 5 Americans who cannot locate the US on a map, it’s compulsory government schooling, it’s the countless violations against the Logan Act, it's cancer rates up 1000%, it's the repression of alternative and vilified nontoxic organic alternatives, it's the outlawing of Hemp, it's SONY, BP, Standard Oil, it’s the elite’s and the oligarchs soul suppressing canyons of greed, it's their need for monopoly, it's endless, it's an endless echo of lies and lies and lies, it's truth as a revolutionary act, it's black as white, it's up as down, it's slavery, it's an invisible prison without bars, it's the people who falsely believe they are free, it's blind collectivism, it's the attack on liberty, it's slavery, it's slavery of the 5 senses, it’s slavery of the mind, it’s slavery of the soul and spirit, it's slavery and we must first become aware of it in order to break it, it's slavery of the most nefarious kind, it's undeniable yet rampantly denied, it's palpable but to some they will suffer the worst fate if they do not wake, it's time to end the reign of the slave masters, it’s time to make their ideology extinct, it’s time for the rule of law, it’s time to reconstitute these United States of America, it’s time to respect and follow the Constitution, justice has been far too long overdue, it’s time for we the people to rule our own destiny, it is time for a renaissance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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