Monday, April 9, 2007

Earth Assylum

Check out Aaron Russo's pioneering work, Freedom to Fascism and get it through your head why the democrats are not going to save us! Shatter the false Left vs. Right paradigm.

It's Monday afternoon and I'm listening to Alex Jones as I work on my website in hopes that someone out there will look at my art work, maybe read some of the content, send me an email saying, "hey, I want to buy everything."
Jones has got Jeff Rense on and they're discussing some really horrifying things. Has anyone out there heard of anti-matter bombs? Can you imagine that? I can see how this would be the next progression, to completely de-materialize the solar system. What is wrong with these people? And now they're discussing Morgellons disease which Rense hypothesises is related to nano technologies and nano-tubes and how they're already self replicating in the environment and in our bodies. It's totally possible since these nano's are molecular machines literally pull particular molecules out of matter and replicate...perhaps exponentially. I'm not stating this data as fact, simply just as information to look at.
Is it outside of the realm of possibility that nano-technologies have been developed and something that is on a scale on the molecular scale somehow got into the environment and are currently replicating? One might ask how development of this type of technology would be developed and implemented with out the public knowledge, but then again, the Manhattan Project was done in complete secrecy from the public and thousands of scientist and engineers worked on it. This sounds like science fiction but things are getting so insane that it's as if our entire reality is a novel in progress with anything truly being or becoming possible.
I know to most people this sounds paranoid and far-out there, and predictably you get the the typical NWO, mainstream media key hit words response like, zany, kooky, on and so forth. They always use words that end in Eeee's and Oooo's to make it sound like a damned cartoon while everyone sits there and giggles at their idiot boxes.

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