Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is Modern Day Slavery?


Modern day slavery is the separation between slave master and slave, it's the scientific and systematic poisoning and petrochemical pollution of our food and water, it's the genetically modified manipulation of our biosphere, it's the chemical spraying of barium in our skies, it's the E.L.F (Extreme Low Frequency) bombardment of electromagnetic pulses into our ionosphere disrupting the 7.8 MHZ Schuman resonance of the Earth that all living organisms are in harmony with, it's the endless wars and manufactured enemies to keep our populations in fear, it's the equivalent of 40'000 Hiroshima atomic bombs of depleted uranium being used in Iraq causing innumerable horrific birth defects, it's the rampant medication of our children, our soldiers, and society, it's the self-replicating and compartmentalized ideology of merely treating physical and mental maladies that keep our people as life long revenue generators to big pharma that is indistinguishably intertwined with big agriculture, it's the WHORE corporate media, it's the dysfunctional corrupt and criminal election fraud, it's Child Protective Cervices stealing children from their parents, it's DynCorp child sex slave rings exposed on the Hill by Cynthia McKinney, it's government sponsored terrorism, it's the death of habeas corpus, it's arguing with people about whether or not it's in the Emergency Room, it's the Military Tribunals Act, it's the National ID Card, it’s the 14th Amendment, it's the fraudulent income tax and the private central bank-the Federal Reserve, it's their highly secretive board of slave master's and the 30 million dollars an hour of revenue it generates to ensure absolutely that the slave master's children’s children will never have to do a single damn day of hard labor in their entire slave mastery lives, it's the assassination of real leaders, it's police brutality, it's black water, it's the utter dull eyed apathy, it's history repeating itself over and over, it's a Nazi’s grandson in the White House, it's all capitalized, it's Skull & Bones, it's the Council on Foreign Relations, it's the Bildeberg Group, it's the massive mind control of the hypnotic cyclops, it's the smearing and censorship of RON PAUL, it's the controlled demolition of the BILL OF RIGHTS, it's the patriot act, it's the domestic terrorism bill, it's thought crimes, it's this and that, it's the bogus left right Coke vs. Pepsi, it’s the democan and republicat soap opera, it's the masses mindless worship of false idols, it's the unlimited illiterate knowledge of our so-called criminal government run by the people, of the people, and for the people, it's a bad joke, it's RFID, it's cameras for you and me, it's the bogus CIA and their phony drug trade they run every day, it's the Rockefella' drug laws JAY-Z, it's non violent offenders, or don't you see, it's the prison industrial complex, slave labor, it's 1 out of 5 American high school students who can't locate the US on a map, it's the whole population who want to wipe Iran off one, it's Barack Obama saying he refuses to take a first strike nuclear option off the table against Iran, it's his phony bullsh**t festooning and self aggrandizing adornment of Dr. Martin Luther King's committal towards his unwavering stance of non-aggression and non-violence while Obama holds hands,it’s McCain calling for a hundred years of more war, it's the Bildeberg attendee Hillary Clinton who called the family a 'disease' and how it must be replaced by the state, it's cancer rates up 1000%. it's the repression of alternative and vilified nontoxic alternatives, it's the eradication of Hemp, it's SONY, BP, Standard Oil- Rockefellers; their family's soul suppressing canyons of greed, it's need for monopoly, it's endless, it's an endless echo of lies and lies and lies, it's truth as a revolutionary act, it's black as white, it's up as down, it's slavery, it's an invisible prison without bars, it's the people who falsely believe they are free, it's blind collectivism, it's the attack on liberty, it's slavery, it's slavery and it never ended, it's slavery of the 5 senses, it's Madison Avenue advertising, it's the appeasement of our base level primitive monkey screams for desire, it's slavery and we must first become aware of it in order to end it, it's slavery of the most nefarious kind, it's undeniable and rampantly denied, it's palpable but to the people- the frog is not boiling yet, it's time to end the reign of the slave masters or it will be ours unless we wake.

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Cathie said...

Great rant, Jon. I didn’t know about the 7.8MHZ Schuman resonance, but I do know about 528HZ, cell phone brain interference and the other ominous vibratory disruptions you reference. Everything is vibration and there is a major, malevolent force interfering with humanity’s connection to its source—and the pace is quickening and interfering at every single level of existence.

Those awake enough to know something’s up, know genetically modified foods cannot possibly be good for us and we’re somewhat aware of the new designer diseases typically labeled ‘auto-immune’ disorders. Frankenstein scientists have hatched a deadly form of living entity called a prion that cannot be detected because the DNA has been removed, but the symptoms caused by the prion (the body’s response) are what mind-controlled medical professionals typically diagnose, then they label the ‘disease’ they can’t see, like Mad Cow, AIDS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, CJD, colitis, etc.

Now, these prions—a man manipulated protein—attach themselves to internal organs, especially, but not limited to, nerve centers and the brain—BECAUSE THEY CAN RECEIVE AND TRANSMIT! These crystal-like entities have been unleashed into the food system through the grain supply (including corn) and beer as they thrive in yeasty environments. Here we’re looking at that slight of the hand trick—look over here, cows eating their own innards — ridiculous. That would mean so are the sheep, wild deer and birds. The Nazis aren’t dead—Operation Paperclip and the Vatican Rat Lines brought these Frankensteins to continue the work of the ruling elite that, from the shadows, are killing and enslaving us—and, at a profit.

It behooves all of us to clean up our acts, eat all organically and locally (even if we can’t afford it—the alternatives are too deadly), give up beer and wheat and corn immediately and begin reading extensively. Spreading the word is essential as these entities (both the prions and their creators) are rapidly mutating the very nature of life itself.

Remember that cold that just wouldn’t go away—then, after a brief retrieve, came back? This foul attack on the immune system happened to millions of us—a mild Gulf War Syndrome. For those still in a la-la land of disbelief, Gulf War Syndrome was tested on prisoners in Huntsville long before Daddy Bush vaccinated our soldiers with the stuff—with the same results. The old eugenics, so popular in the USA is the new genetics. Designer diseases with the capability of transmitting and receiving!