Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Russel Means

On Tuesday, 03/04/08 on the Alex Jones show he had on a guest by the name of Russel Means, and for those of you who are not familiar with his name I suggest that you become familiar with it. Currently the Lakotah Nation is legally and lawfully going through succession from the contracts of land territory treaties that the US government has not upheld with this nation; these sovereign people.
We the people means very little. Are we property under 'corporate treaty'? According to the 14th amendment that is the case. Before the 14th Amendment, which gave 'slaves' freedom. It is not the right of government to endow a human being with rights; they are born with them!
Whether you are a person of any color or creed, this is a moot and pointless objective. (Who's responsibility is it to deem you as a human being to be one particular creed or denomination?)
There in lays my point.
Those that care about trivialities can examine differences and siege upon them but freedom and liberty are a young and blossoming idea that have been distracted by what ever the current conveniences may be.
My point of contentions merely lies within the line of reasoning and ideology that outrageous and horrific crimes continue to this day and history must not be repeated!
Long live the Lakotah Nation
Long live the eagle, and the buffalo, and my own personal harbinger of truth; the Goshawk and the Eastern Blue Bird. Long live millions of colors and long live the seekers of vision!


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