Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Smashing the New World Order!!!

I work for the exhibitions crew at a very, very fine art museum in New York City. I tear down walls, put up new shows, and I am an artist who is a grunt, but once in a while there is an opportunity for expression, for education, and dialogue ('Do you see what happens Larry!') and I take these opportunities very seriously in order to express discontent towards the 'MAN'.
This drawing that I drew on my two coffee breaks and for fifteen minutes after a twelve hour day was done on a temporary wall deemed to be demolished. It is a depiction of a cross bred monstrosity of Chet from Weird Science and a satanic, Jaba the Hut- a culmination of disgust that only the New World Order can evoke. Knowing that my art was only temporary and dew for a fate of eventually ending up under a sickening soaking pile of moist garbage and refuse at Fresh Kills land fill in Staten Island, it was my intention for this meager spectacle and personal pathetic grunge-like outrage of obliterating the 'New World Order' with a solid steel crow bar that would effortless careen through the brittle facade of sheet rock to be a release valve for me and all of those other conspiracy theorist out there.

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Anonymous said...

Hit 'em in the man boobs! I watched this clip like six times.